Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Christmas come and gone but the memories forever.

Everyone who knows me, knows that Christmas is my favorite favorite holiday. In fact I tell them all too often, lol, but it's true. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but I'm going to try in as short amount of words as possible.

Each year we head to church on Christmas Eve for the uplifting celebration of Jesus's birth. What a glorious day that was, and a time to celebrate. It always bring me great joy to know that someone, somewhere is looking out for me, had died for me, is walking this life with me. And it all started with the birth of a baby, a baby sent from God.

Christmas is about Hope and Faith

Christmas Eve is at my house and has been for well over a decade now. It all started out with a friendship when I was 10 years old with a little girl named Michelle. Soon after our families became friends and we became like sisters. If you do the math, that was 22 years ago. Over the last year my 'sister' and I have hardly spoken, let alone seen each other. Simply our priorities were wrong, and we've somewhat let it go. Christmas Eve is a time to all get together with our extended family, and as tradition has it, our 'extended family' join us despite our lack of involvement recently. With good food, carolling, and lots of laughs. We both agreed that we needed to set our priorities right again for the new year.

Christmas is about Rebuilding and Renewing Friendships.

Taylor in the Chocolate Fountain
Each morning we all wake together and race down the stairs to see if Santa came. The stockings are hung by the fireplace, and the next morning they are filled to the brim by a jolly ol person. The kids are filled with delight as they see the room magically transformed with Santa's surprises.
Chrismtas is about Magic no matter what age you are...

After our Santa gifts are complete it's tradition to have a tiny junk food breakfast. In fact every year Toaster Strudell it seems to be. Last year I went the Pop Tart route and got an earful. Afterwards we head over to the tree where the family gifts are randomly placed. Anthony wore the Santa hat and handed out the gifts. We all took our time opening each one and marvelling in joy each gift brought.
Christmas is about the joy of Giving

align="left">Seeing the looks on each others faces it precious. It makes everything building up to Christmas worth it. Seeing the looks and expressions of children, is even more delightful. It's like living life through them and going back in time.
Christmas is about Re-visiting the child in you.

After our presents are all done, it's time for a proper and rather large breakfast. With bacon, eggs, toast, and goodies a plenty. We all sit and eat together and talk about the morning...

Christmas is about Appreciation

Then we head over to my mom's place. Sometimes it switches locations, (mine) but it's not the house that houses the family but the people in it. What's special is we all get together. For a big family like mine, there are lots of mixed personalities, some like oil and water, some like butter and a microwave, but despite it all, noone in my family would ever miss getting together for Christmas. We put aside our differences, and cherish each other and how lucky we are to all be together.

Christmas is about Peace and Love

This year my Dad spent many hours working on a special project for his two grand-daughters. A trunk that can start off as a toy box and grow with them through the years to be a Chest. He did this with love, he did this because he wanted something special for them to last a lifetime, and it is beautiful.

Christmas is about Thinking of others

Christmas means so much to me, there are not enough words. But it's more than presents and's friends, family, smiles and laughter. Memories and sweet nothings.
Christmas is about Happiness, Kindness and Care

So you see there is a lot to Christmas or whatever holiday it is you celebrate, that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can take something from the holiday and use it all year long. I try my best to use all things that Christmas brings and keep it up through the year, and though we faulter, if we remember the spirit of the holiday, we'd all be better off.
I hope you had a Happy Holiday, that you found the same Spirit that I do each and every year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Just 5 days till Christmas!!!!!

I can hardly believe it, it's been a worldwind of events, activities and emotions that well...there is just 5 days left till XMAS!

Xmas is my favorite favorite holiday, not season, but holiday. In case I haven't told you in the past.... :D

Can't say I've been doing much to update on except attending school plays, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Parties, preparing for the new year, and well...more shopping. ;)

Taylor had her school play, she sang in both French and English, oh my it was soooo cute!

Bailey, wow, I am just amazed! He too had his school play and the improvement from last year to this year is striking! In his sign, in his mobility, and comprehension, I have videos of his last year's performance and am just delighted over his accomplishements. He was so cute up there, did his entire part without any help. >>>>>Proud Mama here <<<<<

We go tommorrow to get Santa pics done at the mall, but we did get them done earlier with a Santa at the dentist office at their party, but it's not the same. Still I got some pics, beware, cute pic alert.

Not much under the tree yet, got lots of wrapping to do this weekend, and a housefull of laundry, and a table filled with neglected paperwork. Whose got time for paperwork when I'm having so much fun shopping?

Tommorrow we're doing a mini extended family Christmas Grandpa is leaving for Alberta this week to visit family so we're doing a little something something to say Merry Christmas before he goes.

That's about it, I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tickled Pink


So as you may have noticed I've been revamping my blog...

Normally, I call my favorite techie friend Sarah to help me figure things out. Afterall I think she is the blog Queen. Bowing to you S :)

But, at some point I had to venture out in the world of Html, and start figuring some of this stuff out on my own. Many many hours later, late nights and a few curse words I got some new stuff going on.

Like I know how to strike, I can't believe I didn't do this before! I just love it!

And notice my Christmas countdown? And my visitors count. Oh wait, I revamped the entire Html for my template, to adjust the sizes of the side bars, add a picture slideshow, which originally didn't fit!

And now my latest is this /wahaha How great is this!!!!

I'm just tickled pink of my success! It's a good day today!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pee, Poo, Litter Boxes and Fur

Tell me again why I got cats?

Somedays I wonder why....

....when I'm cleaning up the poop from in front of a CLEAN litterbox because my oldest cat Jake won't poop in it.....

....when I discover pee on my brand new carpet or in my CLEAN basket of laundry from a cat I can't seem to figure out which one

....when I am vacuuming up fur off the new Chicago chair in the bsmt cause Malik thinks its the new bed

.....when their literally climbing IN the Christmas tree looking for goodies to play with

why, oh why did I get cats?

Then these moment happen and how could I have resisted? They are just so darn cute! In the rare moments they are good...

Who needs presents?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eyes that smile

Is this a face an auntie can resist? Her entire face lights up when she smiles...her eyes even smile. How darn cute is this girl. I'm just LOVING being an aunt, LOVING having a baby in the house, gates, car seats, strollers, diapers and all.

I think I'm in trouble....or at least hubby is anyways........a whole other week to enjoy this precious face!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Journey, New Blog

Cyn, you catch on Yes, there is a tidbit on my sidebar, and well, time to make the official announcement. I'm beginning a new surrogacy journey, and with that a new Surrogacy blog. If your interested, here is the link!

Friday, November 27, 2009


That's really the only way I can describe my week...with it's ups and downs. Very tired, very busy, and I got my niece here with me during the day as I'm babysitting for the next two weeks.

Hubby got pulled over in the car because he didn't have a sticker AND couldn't find the registration papers. Okkkkaaaayyyyy. He got a warning. Police went back to his car and typed in our plate numbers and says theirs no registry on it for this year, that the plates expired in July.

Weird, I KNOW I put a sticker on there, I know I paid for one. Check the file cabinet, thankfully I'm sort of organized, yup, I paid for one, I think, the reciept is not clear. But I swear I did.

So down to the licensing office today, guns ablazed, ready for a big arguement that will sound something like:

"I paid for a sticker",
"we don't have it on record ma'am"
"that may be so, but I paid for one and here's the reciept"
"I'm sorry that's no good you'll have to get another"
"What! You have got to be kidding me!"

well, all that conversation know when you get all worked up and think of what your going to say and what you expect them to say in return?

all of it was a waste. Weird...

She looks up my plate and says "yup you paid" so the conversation went something like:
"yup I see you paid"
"but the police says I didn't"
"well it's here that you did so they must have made a mistake"
"but they typed in my plate and nothing was there"
"well they must have typed it in wrong"

Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy............okay, thank you. So I need another sticker, someone must have stolen it off the back of my van, "$7.00 please", and that was it! New sticker problem solved...and by the way, the registration was in the van to begin with, with proof on that that we did pay...ahhhh, my sweet completely dependant husband, what would he do without me?

Thank God for you think the cop lied and there really was proof we paid when he typed in our plate number? Do you think just a warning was his way of saving face?

So a down turned to and up.....gotta love roller coasters. This was the way my entire week word, WEIRD!


Decorate the house.
Decorate the yard.
Decorate the bus.
Decorate the heart....and yes, gotta decorate the blog.

The holidays are coming, just check out my countdown ticker below, 27 days! My favorite holiday of the year.....squeal!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nat got new lungs!!!!!!! I'm so excited for her and her family, but she will continue to need our prayers as her fight on the other side continues. Wishing you all the best and all prayers being sent your you Natalia and your family. See my blog below if you wish to follow her story of inspiration, love and life.

Also, it has come to my attention that not always is it enough just to sign your donor card, you can register your wishes to donate organs at this site:
for Ontarians. If your not in Ontario, visit this site:
it is a post on Natalias blog on how to locate a registry near you.

Thank you to the family that donated for Nat and her family, through your own sorrow and loss, you helped save another, that IS a TRUE gift. And to all those out there who have donated or agreed to let their loved ones donate, it is a remarkably selfless act of kindness and love.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have you signed your donor card?

I got lots to post, lots to catch up on...but today, at 4:45 in the morning, I just want to ask you...

Have you signed your Organ Donor Card?

For the last 2 years I have followed a courageous story of a women fighting for her life, a friend, a blogger, and fellow mother and wife, fighting with CF, awaiting new lungs.

If you don't know her story but would like to, you can go to her blog:

it's a frank and honest blog about her struggle to stay alive for her husband, and baby, and her amazing look at life, even in the middle the most difficult moments. Follow along.

The point of this blog, YOU can save lives, sign your donor card today, talk to your family about your wishes, give the gift of life.

Have you signed your donor card today? I have.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still here and lovin life!

Still here, all is good. Not much new to write about really, same ol same ol. Life is good really, busy but good!

Since I've last blogged we've had Taylors 6th birthday, and I'm totally sucking at blogging lately so I'll have to catch up one day with Bailey and Taylor on their history blogs. But yup she turned 6, we had a little family dinner and went to play mini putt, and then a big party over the weekend, a surprise party. That's all she wanted for her, was a surprise party, and no word of a lie, this little girl, barely out of diapers, CRIED! Yes, CRIED, she was so HAPPY! Um...seriously, that much emotion in a little body. It was beautiful, then she made me cry...I'm a total sucker for tears, especially tears of joy!

Been busy with work and kids social events, playing taxi more this year than ever before. It's nice though, I don't mind, I just hate the dinner rush, trying to fix something good in 15 mins or less is hard. Any suggestions? Good recipies? I'm all in if you got any.

This weekend was nice, Friday night I went with a friend to see New Moon, no worries, I won't comment on it, except to say it was much like Twilight acting wise, kind of dissappointing and they will never match with the book. (Most movies don't anyway). Either way it was opening night and fun to join all the teens in their excitement...brought me back to my own teens.

Yesterday was a day for the kids. Taylor learned all 26 of her sight words this week, so I took her and Bailey for a treat to Kiddieland...(and indoor playground). They had a blast really. Last night we headed off, my mom, Taylor and I to join my aunt, uncle, Grandpa and other family to see my cousins figure skate. Their in syncro skating and are absolutely beautiful on the ice. It was a 'gala' for them and always fun to go and cheer them on. I got pics, I'll be sure to share a few.

Today was busy and yet I haven't left the house, but we got a lot accomplished. I got all the house cleaning done, the laundry, bills, paperwork and filing (yeah...I don't really like paperwork), and then would you believe it, we put up the CHRISTMAS TREE!

So fun, I'm already in Christmas mode. We missed the Santa parade so will have to sneak to another city to catch theirs, but doesn't matter, I'm in Xmas mode. Time to start the shopping, because both trees (yup 2) are empty underneath.

Yes, 2 beautiful wonderful trees, one in the rec room in the bsmt, and one in the living room. The house is decorated, the moods is chipper and it Christmas yet?

Next week I got my niece Moyra with me in the mornings. In fact her mom's in a job training so I'll have her for 2 weeks or so...maybe more, maybe even up to 4. I'm looking forward to having a baby in my house, we'll see if that gets things going for me, or has me saying, nope no more, that's it.....

So that's my quick (but not so quick updaate). Kind of boring to read about.

Before I sign off can I just ask, if anyone is reading here anymore to please extend your prayers to my friend Natalia and her family. She has CF and is facing the battle of her life right now and could use all the support we can give. You can read her inspirational fight for life and love here:


Monday, October 19, 2009

Gotta get out of here

Run away, hide, no seek, whatever you might call it I had to do it. Last minute decision, which is how my life often times goes, I booked a hotel, played hookie from work, took the hubby and kids and just ran. Well, drove.

Off to Parry Sound for the weekend, no computers, no technology, very little contact with the home world, and we had a great weekend.

I have to say that life has been so busy, between house, work, errands, people, someone wanting something, something always having to be done, I was about to loose it. I know my limits though, and so we ran away, 2.5 hours away.

Ian has family up in Parry Sound we hadn't see in almost 2.5 years. So we thought why not take our reprieve up there, kill 2 birds with one stone.

Our hotel was.......interesting to say the least. I have to say I really liked it, great amenities! Fab, room. Pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness room, squash courts, tennis courts, playground, gazebo, hiking trails, lounge (ie. small bar with pool tables), and restaurant all there. PERFECT!

The kids loved the pool, we swam a lot. And Anthony was having some really good workouts in the fitness room too. On Sat night Anthony stayed in the room with the little ones once they were asleep and Ian and I snuck off to the lounge for a game (or two) of pool with his sister and husband who met us there. It was nice, Ian and I rarely go "out" together so it was nice to be able to go out and yet still be 'there' at the hotel.

For dinner on Sat, Ians sister B had us all over. It was really nice, a great visit and yummy roast dinner! It was a real treat to sit there like old times...been so long since we all just sat around her table! Thanks B!

Sunday was spent hanging around the hotel enjoying more amenities, and then a trip into town for a walk. Started off on the railroad tracks, I was so hoping a train would pass by us, no luck. Then a very very long walk of geo-caching through various parts of the town. All Ian's sisters where there, J, B and M as well as M's kids, and we had a great time...though 3 geo-caches in a day was a bit much for my old worn down body. 2.5 hours of hiking, the weather wasn't terrible though.

Afterwards we went to J's house and met up with her husband and son and had dinner there. Another real treat...with some yummy food. It definately helps to cut the cost too, as it's very expensive for us to go there. It was nice to see their son V as well, the kids all played so well together.

Sadly, we didn't get to visit much with Ian's sister M or her kids, besides the walk. I guess we were suppose to go there for Sat morning breakfast, but I didn't know of the plans, and so we sort of stood them up, unintentionally. I felt so bad when I learned of this, and we were hoping they'd be able to come by after supper on Sunday. Next time I guess.....

So that was pretty much it, or the logistics of it. What made it interesting....well...

Where we were staying, in the building we were at, a pipe burst! Yeah, you heard right, and it made for some interesting adventures. Water problems seem to follow us everywhere!!!

It wasn't in our room but a couple of rooms down. It all started Sat morning...we had no hot water. Ummm, I desperately needed a hot water....cold shower? No way! Went to front desk, gave me another room to shower in in another building. Ooookkaaayyyy, off I go.

All day Sat, no hot water. Sat night, horray hot water! Sunday morning kids go to use the toilet, no water pressure! Umm, front desk can we get a plunger? They come in, the water pressure is too low to flush the toilets. Guess not all is fixed.

Oh dear, another pipe burst in yet another room! Hot water gone, oh wait, so is the cold. No water at all! Off I go to use another room in another building just to pee!

Sunday night we get back from town, water is working! Pressure is good, hot water, nice. But wait, water coming out of taps and toilet is like.....MUD! I mean MUD! Yuck. Front desk again, what's going on? Tell me it's, no it isn't. Bottled water please? Thank you.

Brush our teeth, off to bed, wake up, water is clear. Talked to manager and got a free night and complimentary breaky for two, woohoo! Guess they still needed to flush the line after all the plumbing problems, hence the water color.

Anyway, it made for some excitement, but still better than camping in a tent! (and using an outhouse) All in all, a fantastic time!

However, in my haste of fast packing and quick escaping...I fogot the camera...shite. So no pics this time. Sigh........

A balloon and a curtain

There are many things I miss about babysitting, those baby cuddles, feeding time and well, being able to just experience life through a baby's eyes.

Last week I got to babysit my niece, Moyra. She's about 15 months now and just too cute for words. Around me, she's really quiet, but last week I got some smiles and coos out of her. This is the 2nd time I got to babysit, so it was a real treat.

Now baby toys are scarce in my house, they went out when I stopped daycare and Taylor (ahem, 'I') outgrew them. BUT, years of experience has told me, who needs baby toys?

First time she came over, pots and pans were the star, nothing like the clamour of a wooden spoon and some good ol noisy pots. What a blast we had together making some real original tunes of our own.

This time around, a balloon and a curtain! Peek-a-boo was the winner through my curtain, and well not many kids don't like balloons....notice the drawings? Taylor likes balloons too!

Oh and the cats, following, watching, reaching out to touch them, laughing at them, yes those furry moving things with bells on are always pretty interesting here.

My favorite part, feeding her her bottle and having her fall asleep in my arms, ahhhh, sweet bliss, a little angel nestled in to me asleep in la la land. I actually asked Jenn to take her time getting home so I could get those cuddles in. 15 month olds only slow down at bottle time and I had to grab every chance I could get..wink wink. So mom did some errands and sweet pea fell asleep in my arms while I just soaked up all the angelic-ness I could.

Mom came in to find us all cuddle up, she knew how much it meant to me so she just quietly snuck in and sat and joined us, without waking the princess. Then....

The phone rang. UGH. Cuddle time over, sweet pea saw her momma and well, I was dissed. Oh well, the life of an auntie. I did get a good 15 minutes though....ummmm, just thinking of it brings joy to my heart.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October, really?

Can you believe it? Where did September go, where did the last 3 months go actually.

I keep saying that over and over again but when I get a chance to finally sit down and blog, I'm literally shocked each and every time at how fast time is going, I want it to slow down, I NEED it to slow down, I feel like I'm losing in the battle of time.

Lately I've been working about 45 or so hours a week, somedays more. This is work, not renovations or home life. Add 3 kids to the mix and home life, you know, errands, phone calls, cleaning, laundry, and well it seems I have very little time for anything anymore. I know it will slow down...eventually...but when? That's what I would like to know, please tell me when? I keep saying, next week, next month, and all the while there is always something new, some new crisis to keep at bay, something that takes my time away from free blogging time.

Not saying that life isn't good, it's GREAT, but I miss blogging. I miss reading about all of my blog friends, I miss posting pictures and well just sitting about at the computer.

I also miss scrapbooking. I haven't scrapbooked in almost a year and a half, I am someone who use to scrapbook every Friday's packed away and hasnt' been brought out in a long time.

I miss my friends, I miss parties and social gatherings, I miss chatting on the phone, ya know?

But here in my house, with exception of my "social" being low, life is really really good. Any free time I have had I've spent with the kids, I find that as kids grow the work load doesn't really get lighter, it just changes. And it's fun from beginning to end. I still want to get to the zoo again before it gets too cold, maybe the Halloween Haunt might be a fun thing to try out??

Taylors started her sparks, Bailey has moved up to Scouts and Anthony remains in Ventures. All the kids love it, and I love that they love it. We also attended Taylors 1st school council, which went really well, and we go to meet Bailey's teacher on Monday as we couldn't do the 'meet the teacher night' because we had another engagement that we couldn't get out of and was booked long ago. That's another thing, despite there being 2 of us, we are constantly having conflicting schedules and even if we split up, there are still sometimes things we cannot go to or does a single parent of multiple children do it? CRAZY!!!

The house is looking good and clean...okay maybe not right now, but clean enough. Today we need to take whatever spare time we have and get the garage cleaned up and the bar started. I really would like to have that done by Thanksgiving, cause for some crazy reason I volunteered to have Thanksgiving here!

AHHH, half the time I do it to myself. Well at least I'm alive, and life, my life, keeps me alive.

Life is good!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello? Anyone still around?

I feel like I've been in Mars, it's been so long since I last post, I'm so out of the loop on everyone else, but it's nice to be back and have somewhat of a life back too.

So just a quick update: The basement is DONE! Well, all except for the bar/scrapbooking area, we'll be working on that slowly and have that done 'hopefully' by thanksgiving. We didn't do it alone though, friends, family members all came to help here and there, and it has been much appreciated, and a special thanks go out to all of them.

This basement project has been the most challenging thing we have ever accomplished. We have learned so much about ourselves and each other throughout the project, our skills, our talents, our weaknesses and struggles. I have learned that I hate hate hate drywalling and mudding, hate it with a passion. Cyn in the last post said drywalling should be easy, I would think so too, big pieces easy project, get it done quick and smoothly. NOT SO! LOL. I can laugh about it now, but not so funny then.

Big pieces = HEAVY pieces! One forgets that each and every outlet, switch, strange corner or turn, and do-dad has to be cut out EXACTLY right, get it wrong, do it all over again. Sigh....we had a few of these, near the end I was getting really frustrated...went on the internet to see if there was an easier way and well...lipstick, believe it or not is the magic solution. Too bad I was almost done. Oh well, I am done now.

Mudding, well it sucks. Not so much the mudding, but the sanding, oh the sanding. So much sanding, such a mess, so much sanding, such a mess...ooopppsss did I say that already? Not kidding here.

Installation, not bad...itchy, but not horribly frustrating like some projects.

Hubby has learned how much he detests plumbing. After 4 full days working on the shower taps, he finally got it so where it doesn't leak...the pipes not the taps, taps were new. Word of advice for rookies like us, do as much sautering as you can outside, or unhooked to other pipes. Much much easier. Wet taps = poor sautering, poor access to piping = poor sautering, poor sautering = leaking pipes.

Best part, carpet day. We had installers come and after they finished I just layed on the carpet, rolled around a little bit, and just layed there looking at the half finished ceiling. It felt so good. I just love it, and well, just felt so good to get to those final stages.

Putting lighting in, building the new stuff, setting up furniture, hanging the TV, shopping....not for building supplies but real shopping girl style, best parts for sure! I haven't owned a new couch in 10 years, I just love the new furniture!

Hubby has learned a new skill, he's really good at putting in pot lights, and most electrical work. Taylor is just fantastic at working a drill....can you imagine? My 5 year old girl working the drill like a pro. We had a video of her giving us step by step instruction on how to work the drill but then the battery was really cute though.

Bailey was all into the little projects, the biggest was helping out with the installation. He was measuring and cutting and handing tools, he was an awesome help.

Anthony, as teenagers go, tried to stay as far away as possible. Though he was around when we needed him or said he had to help out and I think he gained some inches on his biceps and triceps with all that heaving lifting he did. Carrying from outside to the bsmt, 25 sheets of drywall alone will add on some muscles. He was an awesome help.

I found I love laying ceramic floor. It's fun, really, I did enjoy it. I also loved building walls and stud work....a girl always loves a good stud...hehehehe. Honestly I have learned that I'm pretty talented, I can do this, I did do this, with very little outside help. (Okay internet doesn't count). I come from a family of carpenters and I'm happy that those skills didn't just go to the boys. I spent over 16 hour days down there, some nights *ahem* mornings, I'd see 5am. And yet I kept going. I really wanted it done before school started, and I got close, we had many many setbacks, and only ran 2 weeks overdue as last week it was officially done enough I could say done.

All in all it's been one hell of a 6 weeks. We have all been tested to the limit, individually, in our marriage, as a family. I am amazed and impressed how well we did, and what we accomplished as a team. It wasn't easy, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, (even I had a few breaking moments of tears), but a lot of laughter, jokes, fun and memories. We made it, we did it, and we did it together. Here are some pics for everyone to enjoy. Next post will be a more "average" update, kids schools, work, etc.

Thanks for hanging in there, and rooting us on, we all really appreciate it! Here are some pics...

Walls go up...

Me wiring something or other

The truck is here the truck is here. Drywall, installation and trimming all arrive.

Bailey helping with the installation

Taylor learns how to tape and mud drywall (we gave her the space under the stairs, this is her space, where she worked. This is her "playroom" but really its intended to be the toy storage. She loves it there, and she worked very hard on it. She did it all, taped it, mudded it, sanded it, and painted it pink. Great job for a 5 year old! (With a teeny tiny help from mom)

This is my friend A. What an amazing friend she is. She knew housework was piling up so she came over and believe it or not, helped me FOLD my laundry!!! I couldn't believe it and was just so appreciative of her help and kindness. The day this pic was taken A spent the evening with Ian and I sanding the mudd on the walls. Words can NEVER express my thankfulness for the time and love she shared with us. Man were we dirty after all that sanding...

And the moment I've waited so patiently to announce....the finished project!

Looking from upstairs to downstairs

That's the laundry room door)

We recycled a door and used it as the door under the stairs leading to Taylors playroom. She wanted a window in the wall, AFTER we had drywalled, mudded and painted. I said forget it, not happening, but we did get her a peephole. She loves it!

Here little toy area even has a light...gotta see the toys ya know

She did this, not bad eh? Maybe Miss Priss has some carpentry skills in her blood too??

This is it! The rec room....colors are blue grey, grey carpet even though it looks tan, blacks and whites.

Notice the little details. We're so proud. Potlights in the drop ceiling. Drop ceiling looks whats the word...maybe a bit French? Not sure, but I love it. (You'll see bar cabinets....their still in the making).

Gosh I just love it so much!
Now on to Anthony's room....he's already Chrisened it with his mess....not 1 hour after moving in he was putting up posters. Ugh...but it IS HIS room, so who am I to say. I have to say that he picked the color and when he did, I hated it. (Though better than black which is what he really wanted). I thought it was awful. Putting the first coat on was very dificult for me, it just looked so bad. Anthony helped put the second coat on and he loves it. Well, once the carpet went in, and the trim up, I have to say it looks pretty good.
And yes it's a terrible mess.....but it's all his to live in and I can shut the door :)

Now the floors, new counter and sink, new tub surround, new fixtures, new ceiling light and fan (though the fan hole has some repairing still left we'll have to figure out), trim, paint, decorations and such....all new except the toilet. Though I did put in a matching toilet flush level...matches all the rest of the doors in the's all in the details right..!!

And that's it! 1 for the record books that for sure!