Monday, June 14, 2010

Need your help!!!

Hey an update...and it didn't take me long to do it.

Not much really new to report, just counting down the days to summer vacation!

9 days to be exact!

Well there is a little news....I started a new blog for surrogacy...if your interested you can check it out at:

Hmmm, what else.......oh, we may be going to the East Coast this summer. New York is out which was the original plan. Anybody been to the East Coast? We could really use some advice.

Okay so here is the plan....

We're driving there and camping. But not sure where we're camping or what places we're going to see....any recommendations?

Where should we go first? I think I'd like to see PEI since I'm a Green Gables that's definately gotta be in the plan.

What about the other attractions...what's good to see/do in the East Coast of Canada?

Oh some other info, we're bringing 2 teenagers (Anthony's bringing his friend), Bailey is coming, and my daughter whose 6. We're planning on taking 10 days, that includes travel. We're going the last week of August, first of September.

Any help/advice/suggestions is very much appreciated!

P.S. I imagine there is ocean...duh, but can you swim in it? Where's a good place to go?

Friday, June 4, 2010

A very busy spring

Wow, March was seriously my last post???!!!! I'm in major need of an update!

Well lots has happened...I'll let the pictures do the talking.......

We enjoyed lots of time with my sweet neice Moyra

And Taylor had a school cute! All in french, imagine that!

We went to Disney on Ice....if you haven't been I highly recommend you go!

Anthony turned 15! He got Guitar Hero, and enough money to buy and IPOD touch!
Mothers Day came and is my surprise! It was huge and the kids did all the baking. :)

Yes, that's right, we got a trampoline! It's been a lot of fun, and great therapy for Bailey too!!

Finally got to some renovations. We had to take down the old popcorn ceiling and put up new stuff in the kids rooms. Then Taylor took over the boys old room (the bigger room), painted it purple and white...her color choice, and Bailey took Taylors old room, painting it a modern blue and white...his choice. Changed the doors and the handles...They look great! (P.S. Removing popcorn is soo not fun!)

Enjoyed lots of spring time walks and bike rides

Anthony joined his school Jr. Rugby team....and is really good! His team made it to the semi-finals, not bad for first time players. :) I have to say I have really enjoyed watching him play...and the game itself, very fast, very fun, very scary at first to watch as a mom with her baby out there.

Taylor graduated from Sparks. She is now officially a Brownie.

And today, Taylor went off to her first away camp without mom and dad with the Guiding Group. She is joining a bunch of sparks, brownies, girl guides and patherfinders. Over 300 girls left today for their weekend camp! I hope they have fun!
Other things we did that aren't captured in pictures:
Oh sorry too basic...well that was the majority of the weeks, except for a few things in between.
I joined Survivor Boot Camp again. And outdoor exercise program with a personal trainer
I helped my girlfriend paint her entire apt in a weekend
Had 4 Sick Kids appts for Bailey and 3 other appts in the months of April and May
Had Jury Duty roll call...after 3 trips in to the courthouse, all cases were resolved so they didn't need us afterall.
Bailey went to Disney World, on a first class private pictures developed yet...sorry, though it was an amazing experience all thanks to "Dreams Take Flight"
Helped my sister and her hubby moved into their first apartment
Got all my spring cleaning and purging done for the season
Visited my friends J and E, and their new twin baby girls. CONGRATS!!
Dinner, a number of lunches out, dinner events, and gathering of friends thoughout the last few months, always nice to get together with friends.
Had a few barbeques, and afternoon teas..okay not tea, but you know what I mean.
And lastly got myself on my bike again after a bit of a tune up and new seat! I missed my bike.
So you see it's been a crazy few months with a lot of big events going on, but I like being busy, it reminds me I'm still alive and kicking.
Now...since it's been so long...I wonder if anyone is still around?