Monday, May 25, 2009

What a life! Oh and bye bye baby...

Yes, what a life, another week has come and gone and I have no idea where it went. I sure hope summer doesn't go this fast for me, I'll just cry then.

I still cannot share my big news, but most likely in the next day or two...

Here's the highlights of the last week......

All week long I have been pretty busy, work stuff ya know...not much to say there. Thursday was so nice and hot Taylor wanted to go in the sprinkler and I thought it a great idea. So off she goes upstairs to change and she starts SCREAMING! I mean major crying. I run up only to find out my baby, BABY lost her first tooth! She was so upset because it was so unexpected, afterall we didn't even know it was wiggly! She didn't fall or hit herself or anything, she was just trying to take off her shirt and out it came I that's the story anyway. Blood everywhere, ah yeah, good times. After a 10 minute meltdown over it, we packed it up in the envelope and put it under her pillow for the toothfairy to come. Then came downstairs and took some pictures. I wanted to take some pics of her in the middle of meltdown mode, but that wouldn't have been very nice and well, I was busy attending to her. Anyway, she doesn't look very happy here, she just collected herself and is still unsure of the idea of loosing teeth...(though I did prepare her for it long ago). Though now she's proud to show it off and got $5 out of it, so it's all good now.

On Saturday I had to go in for my St. Johns Ambulance course, I've done it before, but its always good to have a refresher. I can do CPR and First Aide like a pro now. Who cares about that...really. I mean what was I missing back at home, I so didn't want to be cooped up in a classroom on a really nice Saturday. Do you know what I missed?? This....see pic...--I did try to upload the video but it won't work :( .--

Yes, that's right, my daughter is now riding a two wheeler! It just about broke my heart to miss this first really big milestone. Thankfully hubby thought of me and taped it, wish I could show you all.
And from what Ian says she did it like she'd been doing it forever. Just took the training wheels off and just that! baby, my sweet baby, I want her back...she's just growing way too fast for me.

We had friends over after the Sat training, first we went Geo-caching with them, their kids never been and at first I wasn't 100% sure if her husband would like it, but he was totally loving it, we ended up doing 2 hunts for caches. They came back to our place and we kind of partied...rockband style. LOL. Do I sound obsessed over the rockband? I'm not really. They all stayed till like 1am, even the kids were still up watching movies, thankfully kids sleep in and they were so good and enjoyed each others company.
Sunday we went to the big park around here, did some shopping for clothes for me cause absolutely nothing fits anymore, everything is too big and hanging off me, so got me a few outfits...and groceries. Home and rest.

That's it, my week in a nutshell...sort of. More to come, just not yet. Teehee, I think I'm driving Cyn crazy! Sorry Cyn.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Social life

It seems I need to put in an update of my week, it's been a very busy week and unfortunately I haven't been able to blog, not just because of time, but because it's not time to share what I've been up to. Big news coming soon though.

There are some things I can share, like yesterday! Saturday was a awesome day. My former ED IM and I still talk. Remember I announced back in October that she was adopting her first babe? Well, guess who came to visit! I hadn't seen them since their baby shower in December and I have to say it was a real treat for me!

At first I didn't think it was going to happen, though we planned it a couple weeks back we hadn't talked all week. Since I'm no newbie to dissappointment, I figured it was forgotten, or cancelled or everyone was just too busy. So at about 9am I gave her a call on her cell to inquire if she was still coming or if she wanted to change the she tells me "I'm on my way!". WHAT! I was so excited yet so unprepared, my house was a mess, I needed a shower, lol and I had less than 2 hours to do it as they live about 2 hours away and just left.

So off I go running about cleaning up. Normally I wouldn't have, afterall my friend loves me for who I am not how I keep house, but because there is a baby coming, I like to make the house as baby comfortable as possible. Clean up the tiny toys, wash the floors, etc.

They arrive, we hang out and chat, order pizza and wouldn't ya know it, play ROCKBAND! We must have spent a good hour or so jamming in my living room, hubby, myself and my friend. (C was taking a nap and my kids were playing too). Soon afterwards it was time to go, they did spend a good 5 hours here and I'm so grateful that she came all this way to see me and just hang out with me. I love her to pieces and her little man. (Her hubby had to work :( hopefully we'll catch him next time).

So little "C", my little man, such a sweet BIG baby! He's really stocky and quite big for his age. He's got the cutest roles and most gorgeous smile! His mouth is so big and lovely that when he smiles it just melts your heart!

Of course mom's got him all glammed up in some stylish clothes...all around gorgeous little guy. But what's more, he is an amazing baby!
The minute they got here, he was all open arms for us to hold and love em up. Complete strangers, he was totally like "hey". Now that being said, there were a couple of times he started to get fussy with Ian, but even I get fussy with Ian. (hahahaha, JUST kidding). But he let me hold him the entire time and play and gave me the most incredible smilkes, I got to feed him and change diapers, it was just so nice!! I hadn't fed a baby since Taylor was little.
All in all it was a great visit. It was great to see "B" in her element, being a mom, playing with her little monkey, loving every minute of it. See pics below.

And "B" I know you read my blog and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I had a really great time with you guys, I appreciate the long drive you took and look forward to hanging out with you through the summer poolside baby, and maybe even trying a margarita or two!
Today my friend T is coming in from the West Coast. I'm so excited to see her, she too is a surrogate and a great friend/ally for me, a great support person for all things, surrogacy, life, parenting, whatever. I haven't see her for awhile now and really look forward to hanging with her today! Will update when I get a chance. For now, off to social world, I am a social butterfly ya know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A recap of yesterday...

Thanks for the wishes yesterday I have to say it was an interesting day...some ups and downs-here's the low down.

In the morning I woke up to bacon and eggs...yes I mean literally woke up to this food in my face. It was sweet but seriously...hubby could have given me a few minutes to open my eyes. By the time I ate it is was cold...I'm okay about it though, I'm kind of use to cold food after 14 years of being a mom. Cold it not, it was yummy!

The kids made me crafts and cards. We have never agreed or believed in the commerical makeup that has become the "new" Mothers Day, but rather these things should be made by the little hands themselves. It's always been that way. Even my teenage son went out to the backyard and picked me some Forget-me-Nots from the grass. (Yes they are growing in the grass not the garden!)

We played some Rockband, they presented my "big" gift, it was a huge cookie about an inch thick and well the size of a PLATE! Decorated with icing saying 'Mom'. Very sweet...shoot shoulda took a picture.

So now for the interesting we have been having problems with the van, but thought it was somewhat fixed. With my kids, the car is not a comfortable place, so we took the van Geocaching up along the Bruce Trail near Milton. It's a part of the Niagara Escarpment.

Well we get there, and the van starts a smoking. Pop the of the rad hoses is split almost right in half. Yup, here we go what do we do? How do we get it home, we're at least a 30min drive from home??!!?? Another towing fee?

"Ah forget it" I said, I was there to enjoy the day and well lets go hiking and enjoy ourselves, we'll figure out the van problems when we have to go home. And so that's what we did! Crazy I know, but I wanted to have a stress free afternoon with my children and nothing not even problems with the car was going to steal that from me!

So off we went, treking the beautiful trails...I got some pics to share just before my battery died. I should have prepared better...shoot! (Don't mind our clothes, we are HIKING ya know...)
We found another travel bug, loving it...and put the travel bug we had into one of the caches. The rule of thumb is you take something, you put something in, so the kids did their take/put back of some junk and off we went to the second one. All in all it was a nice hike and the weather wasn't horrible...never warm enough for me, but not horrible.

Get back to the van and long story short after some contiplation we decided to risk it and drive it to Miltons Canadian Tire. Man did we ever get lucky. Just as we pullled into the parking lot, the van pretty much seized. It was no longer wanting to go and getting quite hot and angry with us. But...We did make it!

It was really funny when I went in and told them what happened, 5 BIG and I mean BIG guys came out expecting to have to push the van into the mechanical bay....they all sighed a relief when it started though and they actually drove it in. They changed the hose but still there seems to be a significant problem with the cooling system/sensor system and we will be taking it in tommorrow to get a better look. It worked to get us home at least, and to get Ian to work today to the tune of another $150...not bad, only 1/4 of what a car payment worked. That's how I look at it now, between fixing or buying a new van, how much can we get out of it, is the cost of repair lower than the payment if we got a new one....thus far total repairs in the last 2 weeks is about $ months car payment. We get a month more, we've won. Our goal is 6months to a year...I just want to get our mortgage flipped first, should be another month before that happens.

Anyway, get home, grab some McNasty's (steak was the orignial plan but we got home too late), and played some more RockBand. I'm getting addicted to it really and REALLY love having something to do with my son and connecting with him. Then some CSI on Wii, and by midnight I was tired and off to bed.

It was a good day really....some bumps, but not complaining. We were all together and that was what was most important to me. Even if some of the time was spent at a garage....

Check out more pics of our GeoCaching adventure

The view, and me and Anthony looking for the cache....well I don't really look, I just walk around and pretend I'm looking...digging in the trees/bushes/rocks, um not for me....I do have my limits ya know.

This is where it's hiding...can you see it? Neither could I, Ian though with his trained eye could tell where it was right away...we finally had him play the hot cold game with us so we could find it. Here's the hint they gave ("You have to roll some rocks"). Any guess where it is??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Wishes

For those of you who find Mothers Day a hard day, I would skip this post.....

I debated putting this post on here, there are so many people who really struggle with today and I don't want to be insensitive to anyones needs....but then there are many who struggled to be able to enjoy this day too, and deserve some wishes of happiness.

So I'm going to put it out there.

Happy Mothers Day everyone. To all those mammas who are finally where they should be after a long tough road, I hope you all relish in this day you can now enjoy without sadness.

Happy Mothers Day to those who have never had a hard time but have taken the time to support and understand those who have. Who have realized just how lucky they are (we all are) and how truely a miracle it is to be a mother and celebrate this day.

Happy Mothers Day to our own mother would never read this blog, but some of your mothers do, and I wanted to wish them happy mothers day too...afterall I wouldn't have so many blogger friends if it weren't for your mothers too.

I wish you all a peaceful and wonderful day, just exactly the way you want to spend it, be it with your kids, or a day away at the spa.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Posting confusion

Hmmm, strange, I just posted a message I had written before the Crazy 8's game and I guess since it posts by date it showed up below the Crazy 8's game. It's about music....and my rant about it. If you want to read it, you'll have to go below the crazy 8's post...sorry for the confusion.....weird!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy 8's, I've been tagged!!

I've been tagged!!!! Yup, thanks Sarah, I do like these games and I just so happen have the time to fill it all out.....

Here's goes...The Crazy 8's game........

Instructions, fill out the questions, then tag 8 other friends and let them know you tagged them. Pretty easy eh....lets see if I don't screw it up....

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
Hot Summer Days
Visiting S and little B
Renovating the Basement
Finishing work
Kids being out of school
Daytrips to the Beach
Getting the 52' tv
Big Brother to Start

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Played with the kids
Played Rockband with the kids
Went to dinner with Ian
Took kids to a movie, and then watched my own movie all by myself (yeah that was weird but I was NOT going to watch X-men so I went to see Obsession)
Talked to Mortgage Guy

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
Go shopping for the things I want to upgrade the house with
Renovate the Bsmt NOW
Set up the Media room
Live in Florida all winter long
Have the energy to Scrapbook
Go to Scrapbooking Retreat (boys have camp this year at the same time....just me and Taylor home this year)
Put flowers in the garden....too cold I think still
Take really awesome pictures.

8 Shows I Watch:
Big Brother
Nip Tuck
John and Kate Plus 8
Hells Kitchen
Dr. Phil
Eleventh Hour (though it doesn't seem to be on lately...sigh)
Criminal Minds
Little People/Big World, sometimes.

8 Favorite Fruits:
banannas when dipped in chocolate
pear slices

8 Places I’d Like to Travel:
St. Lucia
California aka Hollywood
Carribean Islands

8 Places I’ve Lived:
Just 8? I've been way more than 8!

Surrey B.C.
Burnaby B.C.
Calgary, Alberta
Oshawa, Ontario
B, Ontario
in a bsmt apt on our own
in an apartment building on our own
in a house we own
in a second house we own

I'm tagging Beth, so she'll have to do it through Natalia (we don't hear enough from
Erica from Scottsville
Stumbling on to My Happiness
Journey with Myles and Beyond
Our Life and 3rd Surrogacy
Chronicles of....
ah I suck at tagging....I can't think of 8 people, I'm the last one of the bunch so most of you have all been hit!