Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Christmas come and gone but the memories forever.

Everyone who knows me, knows that Christmas is my favorite favorite holiday. In fact I tell them all too often, lol, but it's true. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but I'm going to try in as short amount of words as possible.

Each year we head to church on Christmas Eve for the uplifting celebration of Jesus's birth. What a glorious day that was, and a time to celebrate. It always bring me great joy to know that someone, somewhere is looking out for me, had died for me, is walking this life with me. And it all started with the birth of a baby, a baby sent from God.

Christmas is about Hope and Faith

Christmas Eve is at my house and has been for well over a decade now. It all started out with a friendship when I was 10 years old with a little girl named Michelle. Soon after our families became friends and we became like sisters. If you do the math, that was 22 years ago. Over the last year my 'sister' and I have hardly spoken, let alone seen each other. Simply our priorities were wrong, and we've somewhat let it go. Christmas Eve is a time to all get together with our extended family, and as tradition has it, our 'extended family' join us despite our lack of involvement recently. With good food, carolling, and lots of laughs. We both agreed that we needed to set our priorities right again for the new year.

Christmas is about Rebuilding and Renewing Friendships.

Taylor in the Chocolate Fountain
Each morning we all wake together and race down the stairs to see if Santa came. The stockings are hung by the fireplace, and the next morning they are filled to the brim by a jolly ol person. The kids are filled with delight as they see the room magically transformed with Santa's surprises.
Chrismtas is about Magic no matter what age you are...

After our Santa gifts are complete it's tradition to have a tiny junk food breakfast. In fact every year Toaster Strudell it seems to be. Last year I went the Pop Tart route and got an earful. Afterwards we head over to the tree where the family gifts are randomly placed. Anthony wore the Santa hat and handed out the gifts. We all took our time opening each one and marvelling in joy each gift brought.
Christmas is about the joy of Giving

align="left">Seeing the looks on each others faces it precious. It makes everything building up to Christmas worth it. Seeing the looks and expressions of children, is even more delightful. It's like living life through them and going back in time.
Christmas is about Re-visiting the child in you.

After our presents are all done, it's time for a proper and rather large breakfast. With bacon, eggs, toast, and goodies a plenty. We all sit and eat together and talk about the morning...

Christmas is about Appreciation

Then we head over to my mom's place. Sometimes it switches locations, (mine) but it's not the house that houses the family but the people in it. What's special is we all get together. For a big family like mine, there are lots of mixed personalities, some like oil and water, some like butter and a microwave, but despite it all, noone in my family would ever miss getting together for Christmas. We put aside our differences, and cherish each other and how lucky we are to all be together.

Christmas is about Peace and Love

This year my Dad spent many hours working on a special project for his two grand-daughters. A trunk that can start off as a toy box and grow with them through the years to be a Chest. He did this with love, he did this because he wanted something special for them to last a lifetime, and it is beautiful.

Christmas is about Thinking of others

Christmas means so much to me, there are not enough words. But it's more than presents and's friends, family, smiles and laughter. Memories and sweet nothings.
Christmas is about Happiness, Kindness and Care

So you see there is a lot to Christmas or whatever holiday it is you celebrate, that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can take something from the holiday and use it all year long. I try my best to use all things that Christmas brings and keep it up through the year, and though we faulter, if we remember the spirit of the holiday, we'd all be better off.
I hope you had a Happy Holiday, that you found the same Spirit that I do each and every year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Just 5 days till Christmas!!!!!

I can hardly believe it, it's been a worldwind of events, activities and emotions that well...there is just 5 days left till XMAS!

Xmas is my favorite favorite holiday, not season, but holiday. In case I haven't told you in the past.... :D

Can't say I've been doing much to update on except attending school plays, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Parties, preparing for the new year, and well...more shopping. ;)

Taylor had her school play, she sang in both French and English, oh my it was soooo cute!

Bailey, wow, I am just amazed! He too had his school play and the improvement from last year to this year is striking! In his sign, in his mobility, and comprehension, I have videos of his last year's performance and am just delighted over his accomplishements. He was so cute up there, did his entire part without any help. >>>>>Proud Mama here <<<<<

We go tommorrow to get Santa pics done at the mall, but we did get them done earlier with a Santa at the dentist office at their party, but it's not the same. Still I got some pics, beware, cute pic alert.

Not much under the tree yet, got lots of wrapping to do this weekend, and a housefull of laundry, and a table filled with neglected paperwork. Whose got time for paperwork when I'm having so much fun shopping?

Tommorrow we're doing a mini extended family Christmas Grandpa is leaving for Alberta this week to visit family so we're doing a little something something to say Merry Christmas before he goes.

That's about it, I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tickled Pink


So as you may have noticed I've been revamping my blog...

Normally, I call my favorite techie friend Sarah to help me figure things out. Afterall I think she is the blog Queen. Bowing to you S :)

But, at some point I had to venture out in the world of Html, and start figuring some of this stuff out on my own. Many many hours later, late nights and a few curse words I got some new stuff going on.

Like I know how to strike, I can't believe I didn't do this before! I just love it!

And notice my Christmas countdown? And my visitors count. Oh wait, I revamped the entire Html for my template, to adjust the sizes of the side bars, add a picture slideshow, which originally didn't fit!

And now my latest is this /wahaha How great is this!!!!

I'm just tickled pink of my success! It's a good day today!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pee, Poo, Litter Boxes and Fur

Tell me again why I got cats?

Somedays I wonder why....

....when I'm cleaning up the poop from in front of a CLEAN litterbox because my oldest cat Jake won't poop in it.....

....when I discover pee on my brand new carpet or in my CLEAN basket of laundry from a cat I can't seem to figure out which one

....when I am vacuuming up fur off the new Chicago chair in the bsmt cause Malik thinks its the new bed

.....when their literally climbing IN the Christmas tree looking for goodies to play with

why, oh why did I get cats?

Then these moment happen and how could I have resisted? They are just so darn cute! In the rare moments they are good...

Who needs presents?