Monday, June 14, 2010

Need your help!!!

Hey an update...and it didn't take me long to do it.

Not much really new to report, just counting down the days to summer vacation!

9 days to be exact!

Well there is a little news....I started a new blog for surrogacy...if your interested you can check it out at:

Hmmm, what else.......oh, we may be going to the East Coast this summer. New York is out which was the original plan. Anybody been to the East Coast? We could really use some advice.

Okay so here is the plan....

We're driving there and camping. But not sure where we're camping or what places we're going to see....any recommendations?

Where should we go first? I think I'd like to see PEI since I'm a Green Gables that's definately gotta be in the plan.

What about the other attractions...what's good to see/do in the East Coast of Canada?

Oh some other info, we're bringing 2 teenagers (Anthony's bringing his friend), Bailey is coming, and my daughter whose 6. We're planning on taking 10 days, that includes travel. We're going the last week of August, first of September.

Any help/advice/suggestions is very much appreciated!

P.S. I imagine there is ocean...duh, but can you swim in it? Where's a good place to go?

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Come to Vancouver